The timeline below shows the milestones of the New Energy Challenge’s 2023 edition.

  • Recruitment Phase

  • 1APR

    Start New Energy Challenge

    The initial registration period ends on May 1st, 2023, granting ample opportunity for startups and scaleups to sign up and participate. Following this, we will carefully review the submissions and select those that meet the criteria to move on to the second round. 

  • 1MAY

    End of signup phase

    After closing of the registration phase, the process of selecting the top 20 candidates begins.

  • 25MAY

    May 25 2nd submission date (if applicable)

    After the initial registration, we'll review and select qualifying submissions for the second round, where additional information will be required. Please note that the deadline for the second round is May 25th.

  • Selection Phase

  • 9JUN

    Selection of the participants

    On this day, the best entries are selected on the basis of the quality and potential of their business model, innovative technologies and digital solutions. The twenty best entries are the participants of the New Energy Challenge 2023.

  • 19JUN

    Start deep-dive interviews

    All twenty participants are invited for deep-dive interviews. The interviews are conducted by Rockstart, Shell and YES!Delft experts in June to select the ten finalists.

  • JUL

    Announcement of the finalists

    The ten finalists are announced and invited for the Finals Phase, taking place late September, October and November 2023.

    Meet our finalists
  • Finals Phase

  • 26SEP

    Kick-off Finals Phase

    The Finals Phase officially start with a kick-off meeting on September 26, 2023. All finalists are invited as this is the official welcome to the finals programme and at the same time an opportunity for the finalists to meet alumni of the New Energy Challenge.

  • OCT

    Coaching & expert sessions

    An extensive network of experts coaches the finalists to validate their business proposal, find their product-market fit and prepare to pitch for an expert jury during the Finals Event in November 2023. The coaching and expert sessions are provided by Rockstart, YES!Delft and/or Shell and take place in October.

  • NOV

    Start Finals Event

    Finals events will commence in November 2023. During the Finals week, finalists will pitch in front of a jury of experts, and then again to a wider audience the following day.

  • NOV

    Finals Day

    Finals Day takes place in November, the day on which the finalists pitch to a wide audience, after which the jury selects the winners of the New Energy Challenge 2023.



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