About the New Energy Challenge

The New Energy Challenge is a start-up competition, jointly organized by Shell, Rockstart, YES!Delft and Get in the Ring. The competition is designed for entrepreneurs in Europe and Israel who are developing advanced technologies and disruptive solutions that could be vital in accelerating the energy transition.

Collaborations between start-ups and industry leaders create the opportunity to fast-track the development and introduction of breakthrough technologies. In order to challenge the status quo and bring innovation forward, the New Energy Challenge calls for European and Israeli start-ups and scale-ups to come forward and propose game-changing solutions that will shape the low-carbon energy infrastructure of the future.

In the coming decade, the world will need an increasing amount of energy to meet the growing demand that is required to ensure the quality of life for people across the world. At the same time, we need to lower our CO2 emissions to tackle climate change. An energy carrier that can significantly accelerate the energy transition is hydrogen. Besides hydrogen, other sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels such as ammonia, advanced biofuels, and synthetic fuels also possess the ability to reshape the current fuel market. Together with fuels, the chemicals industry also holds much potential for decarbonization.

In summary, the emergence of the hydrogen economy, the increased viability of technologies surrounding the fuels of our future, and the development of low-carbon routes to sustainable chemicals make this the perfect time to explore opportunities in these areas.