Group New Energy Challenge

The New Energy Challenge

The New Energy Challenge is a competition for start-ups and scale-ups, jointly organized by Rockstart, Shell, Unknown Group and YES!Delft. The competition is bringing together cutting-edge innovators from Europe and Israel to make energy systems not just carbon-neutral but also “carbon-useful” – and at scale.

From nature-based solutions (NBS) to carbon capture technologies, to digitalising the grid, finding clever ways to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere is essential to limiting global warming by 2100, as decreed by the Paris Agreement. This is especially true for heavy-emitting industries, which need to both reduce carbon emissions and capture carbon to meet climate targets.

But capturing society’s carbon output isn’t just about going carbon-neutral – it’s also about going “carbon-useful”: recycling the carbon we produce into useful materials. From the cement we use to build our houses to the plant-based burgers we eat for dinner, recycled carbon could form the building blocks of many of our everyday necessities.

Carbon capture, storage and utilisation are often considered too costly and inefficient to be used at scale, but scientific and technological innovations are rapidly changing this. By working together to develop and scale affordable and efficient carbon reduction, capture, and utilisation technologies, we can help all industries to meet their climate targets, create more circular economies and keep the planet’s warming within safe limits.

This year’s NEC aims to help innovative entrepreneurs and scientists to get their solutions to market and bring our societies closer to carbon neutrality– and more carbon-useful.


Edition 2022

The 10 finalists of the New Energy Challenge 2022 have been selected! Earlier this year, promising start-ups and scale-ups signed up and were actively scouted, resulting in 20 selected participants for this year’s New Energy Challenge. By July, the 10 finalists have been announced.

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