These are the finalists of the New Energy Challenge 2024 edition.

Finalists 2024

  • 8inks


    Finalist — 8inks has developed a manufacturing platform that unlocks mass production of NextGen battery designs and materials. They reduce manufacturing costs significantly and boost battery performance by leaving production constraints behind. This enables more freedom of design for battery architectures that are tailored for its application with material flexibility.

  • Adena Power

    United States

    Finalist — Adena has developed a sodium-based battery technology for long-duration energy storage. They are bringing low-cost, safe, and domestic sodium batteries to the grid scale.

  • COnovate

    United States

    Finalist — COnovate, Inc. has a domestically sourced nanomaterial that can be used as an anode for batteries. This material, made from bio-sourced feedstock, mitigates current dependencies on high-risk geographies for graphite, while offering improved performance, safety and seamless adoption with current manufacturing infrastructure and battery designs.

  • Edgecom Energy


    Finalist — Edgecom Energy developed an AI Energy CoPilot that utilises artificial intelligence to deliver real-time insights and actionable recommendations to large energy consumers to take control of their energy costs and reduce emissions. This innovative technology helps to optimise energy usage, save money, and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

  • Fusebox


    Finalist — Fusebox offers a fully automated flexibility management platform for C&I size demand response, BESS and renewable assets. This platform automates on-site, and balances market connected assets combinations management and trading for the energy companies. It is not a trading platform.

  • Hyperheat


    Finalist — HyperHeat's technology is an electric heating system designed to achieve temperatures up to 2000°C using solely renewable electricity. Their air heaters utilise oxide ceramic materials for resistive heating, capable of operating at extreme temperatures without significant degradation, a challenge that traditional metal and ceramic heaters face.

  • phelas GmbH


    Finalist — phelas has developed Aurora, an energy storage system that uses air and gravel as storage materials. Aurora is specially designed for large-scale energy storage, offering a cost-effective and reliable solution for long duration energy storage.

  • RedoxBlox Inc.

    United States

    Finalist — RedoxBlox has developed a thermochemical energy storage technology. Their high-temperature, high-energy density solution enables the replacement of natural gas/fossil fuel combustion with electrification and energy storage. End uses include industrial heat decarbonisation, and long-duration energy storage for electricity-to-electricity applications.

  • Sight-E analytics


    Finalist — Sight-E analytics develops optimal decision-making tools for energy generation and asset owners using state-of-the-art optimization and machine learning models. Our SaaS solution offers them the optimal strategy for trading and operations of their assets.

  • Soteria

    United States

    Finalist — Soteria has technology to make lithium-ion batteries inherently safe (90-99% less likely to catch fire) and is taking it to market with a broad-based licensing business model supported by an industry-wide consortium of members.

Other participants 2024

  • Batterylog GmbH


    Participant — Batterylog provides an SAAS platform to measure battery health, extend lifespan and optimize revenue for battery energy storage owners.

  • Compular AB


    Participant — Compular has developed is a material simulation software that can predict which compositions will deliver the intended performance in new batteries. At the core of their product is their patented method for analysis of Molecular Dynamics simulation trajectories. It provides deeper insights into material properties, structure and dynamics and predict accurate material properties.

  • Eddy Grid

    The Netherlands

    Participant — Eddy Grid offers cutting-edge software that revolutionizes how commercial and industrial businesses manage their grid connection and expand their energy systems. Their smart grid solutions safeguard the needed energy supply and combines this with smart trading.

  • EExion


    Participant — EExion Ltd develops modified high-capacity carbonaceous electrodes grafted by aromatic organic compounds. EEXion can chemically bind active organic molecules on the carbon surface which has proven advantages in energy storage applications. The unique property positions them as an appealing option for the next generation of ‘beyond lithium’ rechargeable batteries.

  • Evolution Energie


    Participant — Evolution Energie provides an industrial energy software solution to pilot flexibility, demand-response and energy marketplaces for industrials sites and areas, combining various energies and utilities (eg heat, steam, water).

  • Nanode Battery Technologies


    Participant — Nanode developed a tin-alloy based nanostructure anode to replace the traditional carbon-based anodes. Their technology improves the energy density and fast charging properties.

  • StorEnergy

    United Kingdom

    Participant — StorEnergy provides advanced Thermal Storage Solutions to reduce CO2 emissions and bolster the use of intermittent renewable energy.

  • Thoriant

    The Netherlands

    Participant — Thoriant demonstrates their methane plasma technology as one of the electrification steps in a pilot scale installation. This step is mandatory towards a large scale implementation of the methane plasma technology into the chemical industry.

  • TokWise


    Participant — TokWise developed an AI-driven SaaS solution designed to empower renewable energy companies, enabling them to thrive in a post-subsidy market. By taking control of power marketing operations, it can help maximize renewable energy sales and merchant offtake.

  • UNIGRID Battery

    United States

    Participant — UNIGRID develops advanced sodium ion batteries for clean mobility and energy storage solutions.


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