In the New Energy Challenge, YES!Delft will be training the participants that are chosen after a curated selection. With their proven methodology on validation, YES!Delft brings the startups in the challenge to the next level to compete in the finals.

Since 2005, the tech incubator YES!Delft supports tech startups to bring their ideas to the market, validate their business assumptions, and accelerate their business. More than 250 active tech startups have access to the unique YES!Delft ecosystem which includes customized programmes, and services that provide access to funding and access to talents. In addition to that they have a broad network of mentors and corporate partners.

The ecosystem of YES!Delft is leading innovation in various industries, ranging from healthcare to energy transition and from the maritime industry to agriculture. With three locations in The Netherlands, they have a close connection to the Technical University Delft and the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

“Since the start of our tech incubator in 2005, we’ve witnessed remarkable advancements in cleantech innovations. Collaborating with partners such as Shell, Rockstart, and the Unknown Group, we continuously push the boundaries and nurture the brightest minds in the industry,” remarked Ras Lalmy, Managing Director at YES!Delft. “We are a starter-friendly institution, so therefore, we are also a not-for-profit entity. Our goal is first and foremost startup success.”

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