Geyser Batteries and Everimpact win the New Energy Challenge 2021

Start-up Geyser Batteries and scale-up Everimpact win the sixth edition of the New Energy Challenge 2021. For the first time ever, in addition to the two winners, two other finalists were also selected by the jury: start-up Supercritical and scale-up FlexiDAO have also been offered collaborations.

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“Tomorrow’s energy system needs new thinking, new technologies and new approaches.”

Start-ups and scale-ups have, and will continue to have, a vital role in developing technologies for the energy system of the future. NEC’s mission to support young, innovative companies is more important than ever to enable a sustainable recovery from the impact of COVID-19 on our societies. We believe start-ups and scale-ups will play an essential role in the recovery by offering new, integrated solutions to industry – from biofuels to hydrogen, solar and wind – and by using nature and technology to capture emissions from sectors where emissions are hard to abate.



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Supreme concentration. All your senses are 100% active. So completely active, that your eyes and hands even shake a little. You feel the tension, you can ...

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Working with a start-up isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. By Lene Hviid, General Manager Shell Gamechanger

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New Energy Challenge 2020

Shell names German company EcoG ‘Best Scale-up’ in New Energy Challenge 2019

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Shell names NanoSUN from the UK as ‘best start-up’ in New Energy Challenge 2019

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NanoSUN and EcoG named winners of New Energy Challenge 2019

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