The Crucial Role of Unknown Group: Fostering Scalable Innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of energy innovation, the role of small-scale and underestimated players can be pivotal in driving forward groundbreaking technologies and solutions. Unknown Group’s mission is to act as a connecting link between these emerging companies and major global enterprises, and they bring this expertise to the New Energy Challenge (NEC).

Unknown Group serves as a platform to bridge skills, ideas, and opportunities, fostering collaborations that pave the way for transformative advancements. Jasper Warmenhoven, the Head of Intelligence at Unknown Group, offered us insight into the process of identifying unique and actionable solutions from start-ups and scale-ups, while also orchestrating the connection between innovators and potential investors to bring these groundbreaking solutions to life.

A Journey into the Unknown (Group)

Jasper’s journey into the world of innovation began with a master’s degree in strategic management focused on entrepreneurship at Tilburg University. It was during this period that he felt drawn to ventures that were aiming for newfound horizons and pioneering novel technologies. This interest led him to the Unknown Group, at the time a relatively new and unconventional company. Founded with a mission to navigate uncharted territories, Unknown Group was a small team in a small office with a clear vision: to explore the intersection of technology and entrepreneurism.

Jasper started his career at Unknown Group as an intern on the scouting team, seeking out founders requiring early-stage investor backing, industry leaders to aid in scaling their solutions, and the optimal environment for their development. He continued to be deeply involved in the scouting process for over 4 years.

It was Unknown Group’s expertise in scouting leading-edge entrepreneurs that formed the foundation of its partnership with the New Energy Challenge. The company’s ability to spot promising technologies and ability to engage with the creators behind these innovations was unmatched. For their role with NEC, Unknown’s work lies in establishing connections with founders, understanding their challenges, and assessing their fit within NEC’s vision for sustainable energy transformation.

This partnership’s success can be attributed to two key factors: the emphasis on forging relationships and the technical expertise that Unknown Group brings to the table.

The deep connections they cultivate with startups give them an edge, allowing them to communicate effectively, understand needs and provide tailored solutions. Furthermore, their technical acumen allows them to engage in meaningful conversations with founders, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the technologies and their potential impact.

Impact through Credibility

One of the remarkable aspects of Unknown Group’s approach is its preference for working in the background. While the company’s influence has grown, their focus remains on driving results rather than seeking recognition.

Jasper underscored the significance of this approach in bolstering their credibility within the innovation landscape. He explains, “I feel we’ve got a pretty good track record. We’re usually the company that’s in the background, right…We don’t like to necessarily show-off, while it’s important for us to take credit for all the work in in online publications, for a lot of the programs that we run for our clients, we just make everything white label, because that’s what they prefer.”

They often collaborate with corporate partners, designing white-label programs that allow companies to leverage Unknown’s expertise while maintaining their own brand identity. These programs span industries, from energy and manufacturing to food and agriculture, making a lasting impact on the trajectory of innovation.

Scalability is Key

The energy transition presents both challenges and opportunities. While technology exists to address the transition, scaling up remains a formidable hurdle. Jasper points out that many startups claim to have solutions but struggle to transform them into scalable, viable businesses. Achieving a comprehensive and global energy transition is a daunting task that requires time, patience, and a broader societal shift, so Unknown Group focuses on the importance of global scalability when assessing emerging companies.

Currently, a small percentage of the global population benefits from these innovations, necessitating efforts to bring the rest of the world along in the transition. Jasper emphasized that while small, incremental changes can have a significant impact, the key lies in extending these innovations to a broader audience. The journey from nascent technology to scalable solution is arduous, requiring patience, validation, and a strong commitment to change.

Advice for Aspiring Innovators

Jasper’s advice to aspiring founders or scale-ups seeking to participate in the New Energy Challenge is concise and powerful. He stresses the importance of thoroughly completing the application process, being honest and humble about their innovations, and focusing on what sets them apart from their competitors. He encourages potential applicants to exhibit a genuine understanding of their technologies’ potential and limitations; “Be real. You already have ambition and vision and want to change the world, but in the end, we need to judge something based on what you think is actually possible. There’s a lot of different solutions out there. You’re not necessarily the only one. So, what makes you stand out? Why are you doing things differently? Focus on what you what you have over your competitors.”

In the dynamic landscape of energy innovation, the role of entities like Unknown Group is monumental. Their ability to identify, nurture, and propel transformative technologies is the cornerstone of driving sustainable change. The New Energy Challenge benefits immensely from their technical expertise and commitment to building bridges between entrepreneurs and investors.


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