NEC meets… Vertoro

Vertoro, a revolutionary company that makes sustainable fuel, was one of the 10 finalists of the New Energy Challenge 2020. We asked Vertoro CEO and Co-founder Michael Boot what the experience was like for them.

Read more about Vertoro’s is current innovation and what the New Energy Challenge has brought them in this article by MT/Sprout. Discover more below!

Why did you join The New Energy Challenge?

Two main reasons. Exposure and collaboration with Shell.

In what ways has the New Energy Challenge (NEC) elevated your business?

By participating in the NEC, we were introduced to the right contacts within Shell, which led to a joint project HYDROGOLD.

What does the future hold for you, now and beyond?

Our priority is to help accelerate the decarbonization journey of our customers and to make this journey as painless as possible.

How did you experience the NEC?

We received critical feedback, both technical and business related, throughout the program which help us to strengthen our value proposition and how to better communicate the samer.

What would your advice for this year’s/future participants be?

Try not to see it as a competition, but as an opportunity to improve your business case and get great exposure to Shell.

What has been your greatest learning lesson from the NEC?

Do not assume you know what your market/customer wants. Do the interviews and collect your own first-hand market intelligence.

How did you experience the coach & expert sessions, provided by Rockstart, YES!Delft and/or Shell?

Each session allowed us to hone our message and improve pitching skills.

Which aspect of the whole challenge was memorable for you?

The finals: even though we did not win 😉



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