NEC Meets… JPM Silicon

JPM Silicon participated during the New Energy Challenge edition 2018. We ask them what they learned from the experience.

In what ways has the New Energy Challenge elevated your business?

It’s actually a bit unusual. When JPM Silicon participated in the NEC in 2018, we were in the midst of a transition. After a recent company restructure, we found ourselves with two areas of growth: recycling and producing silicon for solar cells using carbon neutral product technologies. We went into the NEC telling two stories about our company. However, it was at the NEC that we realized that we needed to lead with one message instead of two, and that was silicon. This is what really elevated our business. The NEC allowed us to reflect, talk with the right people, align on our vision and identify how to move our business forward. We also made start-up connections that we are still in touch with today, which in the start-up world is huge! You never know when an opportunity for collaboration comes along.

What does the future hold for you, now and beyond?

Our company has grown since participating in NEC in 2018 and we have strengthened our team particularly in the R&D division. Other than aligning on our one main message, not a lot has changed for the company itself. However, I would say that I as a leader and a founder have changed. At NEC and during the time that’s followed, I have met other strong leaders. They have given me feedback on my ideas and challenged me to improve. This has made me stronger, more confident, and more determined that JPM Silicon is heading in the right direction.

What did you think of the NEC experience?

Traditionally in Germany, events like these are prioritized less among the start-up community because there is often no financial, tangible benefit. However, the NEC experience really gave us invaluable learnings which is why I value this experience so much. Not only were we able to reflect and align on our vision and future goals, we met with some of the brightest in the field which gave us a lot of momentum. Finally, the top-class premium nature of the event really blew me away. Everything was arranged for us and organized better than anything else we had ever seen at other events.

Do you have any advice for future participants?

Have a clear vision of what you want to do! Make sure to aim high and remember no idea is too grand. The energy transition is a huge challenge and something that will shape us for generations to come. Dream big!


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