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FlexiDAO participated and won during the New Energy Challenge edition 2021. We asked them what the experience was like for them. FlexiDAO is a cleantech start-up easing the auditing process. Providing software solutions and advisory services to help companies reach zero-carbon energy goals.

How do you think your participation in NEC2021 will shape your business going forward?

The biggest value that the New Energy Challenge offered us was carrying out a pilot project with a company as large and reputable as Shell. The second biggest pull was the added visibility that participating in such a high-profile programme gives you. And the third was the opportunity to gain feedback from experts in the field. Even though we are a scale-up, with a product and a market already, the mentorship we received throughout the New Energy Challenge (NEC) helped us to start communicating our value proposition to corporations and big decision-makers more effectively. The time and advice we received was invaluable and served as a critical validation of our value proposition.

What does the future hold for you, now and beyond?

Our long-term ambition is to change the way  corporates do carbon accounting for their energy consumption. Our short-term objective is to get more companies to share our vision of making carbon accounting more accurate, efficient, and transparent. To achieve this, we are currently looking to scale up our product and to gain more visibility and customers.

How did you experience the NEC 2021?

The programme was tailor-made and offered us unique advice for our business. We also had excellent communication with the Shell team – every time we had a request, they responded immediately.

Do you have any advice for future participants?

I would encourage future participants to learn more about big corporations’ needs with regards to your product or service area before applying. Check how your value proposition can fit into a pilot project with a company like Shell and focus your application on the pilot idea. And, once you’re in, take advantage of all the mentorship!

Why did you join The New Energy Challenge?

The New Energy Challenge is aligned with our vision to help decarbonise energy systems and deal with some of the biggest business challenges in this area.

Which aspect of the whole challenge was memorable for you?

Alongside the unique feedback sessions with the mentors, the awards ceremony was the most memorable part of the New Energy Challenge for us, as well as participating with the other companies and being selected as a forerunner.

What is the value of the New Energy Challenge to the energy innovation ecosystem in general?

Innovation programmes supported by large corporates, like the New Energy Challenge, are essential to the start-up ecosystem, particularly the decarbonisation space. Start-ups and scale-ups are developing novel solutions to urgent problems, but they need the support of bigger companies who can help them to accelerate and scale their growth for real impact. We are always happy when we see programmes like the New Energy Challenge thriving – and, of course, we’re delighted to be able to participate!


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