NEC Meets… EcoG

EcoG participated and won during the New Energy Challenge edition 2020. We ask them what the experience was like for them.

In what ways has the New Energy Challenge (NEC) elevated your business?

The pitch training made a lasting impression and completely changed the way we pitch our company today. The exposure gained was also incredibly helpful. For example, previously we never had much success reaching people on LinkedIn. After participating in the NEC, we saw a clear change in our following and engagement.

What does the future hold for you, now and beyond?

We are currently at a very interesting point in our business, as a matter of fact, as we are expanding our company globally. The goal is to double in size and triple in revenue by the end of the year. Our collaboration with Shell gave us the jumping–off point we needed to achieve this.

How did you experience the NEC? 

EcoG won the NEC in 2020 and participated in the challenge with only one goal: to win the project. What we remember the most was that the intense preparation week was even better than we had expected, especially to meeting the other participants. Some of the others also had many years of experience and this provided meaningful insights.

What would your advice for this year’s/future participants be?

Determine what your objective is before the challenge starts. What do you want to get out of the NEC? That way you’ll walk away with successes, regardless of where you end up.


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