Learn all you want to know about the unique retail pilot

May 10, 2019

With 20 million visitors daily, Shell’s Retail business connects consumers from all over the world to the energy system. And as the energy system is changing, retail stations are changing with it. Change calls for innovators, new technologies and bright minds. That is why we are calling out for you.

This year the New Energy Challenge offers a track especially designed for scale-ups. This track – designed by Rockstart – offers fast growing innovators the opportunity to design a pilot together with Shell Retail and Shell Ventures. The winning scale-up will launch a pilot at a Shell retail site to optimize their solution and to scale up their business.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? We know! But we understand you may have some questions. So we’ve offered you answers to a number of frequently asked questions below.

It sounds cool. But what’s in it for us?
In addition to the opportunity to design – and possibly launch – a pilot with Shell Retail, you will engage with experts from the Rockstart Energy domain and Shell experts to exchange knowledge and to bring your ideas to the next level.

Joining the challenge will offer long-term value to your company by connecting you to key players within the new energy space, ranging from Rockstart and Shell experts to fellow start-ups. This will help you to build your network and relationships that can push your business forward.

So what kind of technologies are you looking for?
Any technology that can shape the retail station of the future. If you are working on a technology that make Shell’s retail stations even better while contributing to a low-carbon future, we are looking for you!

The retail station of the future? What does that look like?
Good question! Shell’s Retail business is responding to the changing energy system, key consumer shifts and new opportunities that could accelerate the energy transition, while also supporting future growth. This is driving different kinds of changes:

  • In the future, retail stations will further evolve from places to fill-up up one’s tank, to hubs where one can recharge (both literally and figurately), connect and relax. This has led to the development of an integrated retail offer that will cater to an expanded set of customer needs and occasions.
  • In addition to that, Shell’s retail stations are providing customers more choice at the forecourt. This means more lower-emission fuels for customers as they make the switch to electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles.
  • Furthermore, Shell’s retail sites will be constructed using more sustainable materials and operated more efficiently with regard to energy usage. This will ensure a lower carbon footprint for the network in terms of build, maintenance and operations.
  • And last but not least, Shell’s retail sites are being designed and improved to minimize waste through recycling, reusing and reincorporating waste in the supply chain.

If you have a technology that could support or accelerate one of these changes, then join us! Still unsure? Check our web-page for more information about the specific domains we are looking for.

Okay! And what does the challenge itself look like?
After an initial selection round, finalists will be invited to the Netherlands for Finals Week in October.  Here Rockstart will lead a series of pitch trainings and mentor meetings with experts from both the Rockstart and Shell networks to shape and strengthen your businesses and pilot project proposals.

Finals Week reaches its climax as finalists pitch their ideas to a jury of experts, who will select the winners of the New Energy Challenge 2019.

There’s no need to worry if you have a bit of stage fright – there will be coaching for that too!

You got us, how do we sign-up?
That’s easy – just go to our sign-up page and fill in the form. The deadline for submission is May 24, so hurry up!