The New Energy Challenge Aftermovie 2018 is live!

See it all and don’t miss a thing! This is the official aftermovie of the New Energy Challenge 2018. How did the start-ups “”Raise The ...

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What is the Challenge? - an animation

Asperitas wins New Energy Challenge!

Asperitas wins New Energy Challenge with integrated liquid immersion cooling technique for datacentres.

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Raise The Bar week day 4 recap - Every start-up was matched manually with 5 ...

What did the start-ups do on their third day? Check it out in our daily after movie!

Check out the second recap in our daily after movie!

Liveblog Raise the Bar Week

The Raise the Bar Week is now ongoing! See what's happening by following this feed.

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A recap of first day in Amsterdam

Brill Power founders share their best insights

Get inspired by some real entrepreneurial spirit!

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We went to visit the co-founders of last year's winner. Get inspired by their story!

These are the finalists!

Find out which great game changers we have in Europe.

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Revolutionizing Energy Storage with Water

Our previous Challenge finalist explains how this technology works.

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New Energy Startup Landscape

Which energy startups should be celebrated?

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How pay-as-you-go solar solutions can electrify Africa — and generate profits for you

Find an interview with Solaris Offgrid and BBOXX for The Next Web (TNW) here.

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The Winner wants you to sign up!

Follow-up: how are the start-ups of the Challenge doing now?

How's life after the Challenge? Here's a quick update.

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Artificial intelligence can now ‘listen’ to machines to tell if they’re breaking down

Find an interview with The Next Web (TNW) and two Challenge start-ups here.

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Exclusive interview Mark Gainsborough, head Shell New Energies

“We are further along than people realize”, says Mark Gainsborough. Read his interview with Energy Post here.

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Sign up your sustainable start-up now!

Tips & Tricks for pitching

Watch our interview with the NL Startup Envoy

Explanimation Solaris Offgrid (runner-up)

The official aftermovie of the New Energy Challenge 2017


YES!Delft, Rockstart and Shell collaborate

What's the 'Raise the Bar Week' all about?

How did Brill Power win the NEC?

Explanimation Brill Power (winner)

Watch and learn about the startup HySiLabs