Finrenes Oy is a renewable energy start-up providing solutions to generate biogas and bio coal from the widest range of waste biomass.

Finrenes started in 2011 to study how to use waste biomass as traffic fuel, eventually developing the technology to produces low-cost, high value-add bioenergy and storable biofuel in the form of biogas (biomethane) and bio coal/brown pellets. Biomethane is used to replace oil in traffic use and bio coal pellets can be used to replace coal in power and heat generation. The concept is scalable, ranging from the size a farm to that of a power plant. The economically viable lower limit comes from commercially available pre-treatment technology. Finrenes finished a commercial scale pilot in 2017 and now aims to build its first commercial bio fuel lab.


  • Fuels for transport
  • Finland
  • Founded: 2013