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Enapter offers a cradle-to-cradle recyclable, high capacity energy storage solution.

It builds the most efficient electrolysers available, which can handle intermittent power from renewables and require no precious metals. Enapter’s hardware technology, the Anion Exchange Membrane, slashes the cost of storing energy in the form of hydrogen. It is the most cost-effective electrolyser for small-to-medium size systems and modular, making it possible to add capacity at any time. Enapter also builds the Enapter Energy Monitoring and Control system that allows easy integration of electrolysers with fuel cells, storage systems, and other components and sensors of an energy system. Examples uses of Enapter electrolysers include in off-grid homes, remote telecommunication towers, and industrial production. Enapter enables long-term independence and security for energy systems as hydrogen can be stored indefinitely, in nearly limitless quantities.


  • Energy Storage
  • Germany
  • Founded: 2017