The New Energy Challenge 2020 calls for European and Israeli start-ups and scale-ups to come forward and work with Shell, and its partners Rockstart, YES!Delft and Get in the Ring, to make a material difference in the new energies space. The competition provides two tracks, one for start-ups and one for scale-ups, thereby offering companies with different levels of maturity collaboration possibilities, coaching, expertise, and access to the Shell network. We’re looking for innovative hardware, production processes, and underlying digital solutions in the following domains:


Hydrogen as a carbon-free gaseous energy carrier has gained momentum as the energy transition accelerates. Renewable energy costs have fallen, and policymakers have started shifting their attention to the decarbonization of the transport, industry and buildings sectors. The New Energy Challenge is looking for solutions that can fast track the adoption of hydrogen, including: novel low-carbon production methods, compression or liquefaction technologies, storage solutions, supply chain tracking software, novel user-centric services and business models.

Future Fuels

Future fuels such as ammonia, advanced biofuels, and synthetic fuels will also have a role to play towards the decarbonization of the road transport, marine, and aviation industries. We are looking for solutions that can reduce emissions and can be used within existing infrastructure or provide a step-change improvement to justify new refueling infrastructure. Interesting solutions are, for example, sustainable ammonia production, direct ammonia fuel cells, novel routes to produce and distribute waste-based advanced biofuels and synthetic fuels, power-to-liquids technology and renewable natural gas process applications.

Sustainable Chemicals

The challenge of the chemicals industry today is to reduce the carbon footprint of its products, which mainly comes from the fossil nature of the feedstocks and the energy intensity of the production processes. We are looking for ‘low carbon intensity’ solutions which are relevant to Shell’s current product portfolio. These may include feedstock or product substitutions, novel routes or unit operations, as well as digital solutions such as predictive analytics for production improvement and transparent supply chain tracking.