What, why, who & when

What: The New Energy Challenge 2018 calls for European and Israeli start-ups to propose game-changing solutions that will change the energy system of the future. The top-10 finalists will be invited to join the finals week in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. At the Generation Discover Festival, on October 18, the top-10 finalists will pitch before the jury, who will then select the winner of the New Energy Challenge 2018 – the Multiples edition.

Why: Over the coming decades, the world will need much more energy to meet growing demand to enable quality of life for people across the world. But this is only one part of the story. We also need to produce all that energy while emitting much less CO2. That is the challenge we have to meet as society – collectively and collaboratively – as governments, as companies, as scientists and as consumers. This is the key driver behind the energy transition.

Collaboration between start-ups, (energy) companies and (local) government can fast-track the development and introduction of cleaner fuels for transport, bolster the generation of cleaner power and integrate digital technologies that help us reduce our daily carbon footprints. This will help pave the way to more economically, environmentally and socially acceptable energy options, along with more efficient delivery systems.

Who: We are looking for start-up companies from Europe and Israel that have a technology or business model innovation with the potential to make a material difference in the Shell New Energies domain. This domain includes new fuels for transport, renewable power (wind and solar), energy storage and ways to connect customers with new business models for mobility and energy services, driven by the digital and energy transition. Start-ups that want to participate have at least two founders and are registered as a company in Europe or Israel (equivalent to the Dutch B.V. (eg UK – Ltd. Plc., Germany – GmbH A.G.). 

When: Applications are closed since the deadline of July 23, 2018. Currently, the Challenge is in the selection phase. The top-10 finalists will be invited to join the Raise the Bar Week from October 14 until October 18 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. During the Raise the Bar Week, the 10 finalists are given a personal Shell mentor, inspirational coaching and valuable advice from multiple world-leading experts for a validation of their business proposals from different perspectives. Furthermore, the finalists get the unique opportunity to meet with other inspiring start-ups and scale-ups, and experience intensive training from the partners involved in the New Energy Challenge.

At the final event— on October 18 — the top-10 finalists will be doing their final pitch before the jury — who will then decide the winner of the New Energy Challenge 2018.