We are searching for start-ups and scale-ups that are developing emerging technologies and digital solutions to increase energy-efficiency, remove carbon from the atmosphere and achieve carbon-neutrality. More specifically, the challenge is open to:

  • Carbon capture
    Innovations of interest include: traditional carbon capture technologies like post and pre-combustion, alternative firing (e.g. Oxyfuel, hydrogen firing), and carbon removal (including Negative Emissions Technologies like Direct Air Capture (DACCS) technologies and carbon sequestration through nature-based solutions like bacteria/algae, rock, peat, bog, kelp, oceans, and trees).

  • Carbon utilisation
    Innovations of interest include those creating carbon demand in the agriculture, manufacturing, and construction industries – such as for biofuels, proteins, nanotubes, proteins, plastics, and chemicals, and so on.

  • Carbon offsetting and trading
    Innovations of interest include: carbon marketplaces, measurement, and traceability solutions that can keep track of offsetting initiatives.

  • Energy-efficiency
    Innovations of interest include digital solutions that aim to measure and reduce emissions from current operations, such as digital twins, predictive maintenance, flare management, digital grids, value chain integration and green data centres.


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